Uzbekistan Formally Enters Diplomatic Ties with Djibouti

In a historic move, Djibouti has become the 149th nation to form diplomatic ties with Uzbekistan. On May 2, both countries signed a Joint Communiqué to solidify this new relationship, as confirmed by Akhror Burkhanov, the spokesperson for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The agreement was formally signed by Ulugbek Lapasov, the Uzbekistan’s Permanent Representative to the UN, and Mohamed Siad Doualeh, Djibouti’s Permanent Representative to the UN. This partnership is based on the principles of the UN Charter and international agreements that promote peace, security, equality between nations, independence, territorial integrity, and non-interference in other countries’ affairs. Djibouti now joins the ranks of nations that have established diplomatic relations with Uzbekistan, marking a significant milestone in their alliance.

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