US airstrike kills activist, destroys Al-Shabaab

US airstrike kills activist, destroys Al-Shabaab base in Somalia

MOGADISHU, Somalia – Just days before the complete withdrawal from Somalia, the U.S. Africa Command launched a new airstrike in the Horn of Africa country, targeting Al-Shabaab militants who wreaked havoc in the country. countries over the past decade.

In a statement released by the command team, which worked in coordination with the Federal Government of Somalia, the operation took place in Buulo Fulaay in Lower Shebelle, an area that has been under the control of militants notorious.

The airstrike was carried out on Wednesday, and it is the fourth of this year, which may mark the end of direct drone strikes in the country. The Pentagon and the Department of Defense have ordered the withdrawal of troops by Jan.15, five days before President-elect Joe Biden takes over.

Initial assessments indicate that the attack killed an al-Shabaab operative and destroyed a compound, the command noted, adding that: “The initial assessment is that no civilians were injured or killed as a result. of this operation. “

“This strike at Buulo Fulaay, combined with the recent strikes, shows our determination and degrades al-Shabaab’s ability to threaten Somalia and its neighbors,” said US Air Force Maj. Gen. Dagvin Anderson, commander of the United States Air Force. Joint Task Force – Quartz. “Along with our partners, we plan to leave no safe place for al-Shabaab to hide.”

Joint Task Force – Operations Quartz supports the U.S. Africa Command and international efforts that promote a peaceful and stable Somalia. Violent extremist organizations like al-Shabaab pose long-term threats to the United States and regional interests, the Command added.

The United States had nearly 700 military personnel in Somalia who trained and equipped the Somali National Army [SNA]. The exit plan encountered opposition from the Somali government and a number of stakeholders, including those in the opposition, who insisted that the withdrawal could erode gains made in the war Al-Shabaab.



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