University of Minnesota Strikes Historic Deal with Pro-Palestine Activists

The University initially communicated with camp organizers by letter Wednesday night before announcing publicly on Thursday. Representatives of the student coalition will speak to the Board of Regents on May 10.

In the Wednesday letter, school officials expressed gratitude for the conversations and their intent to resolve matters promptly. Nesma Abuammo, a 20-year-old Palestinian student and organizer, spoke about the ongoing rally in support of Gaza and the fight against genocide.

Student organizers emphasized their commitment to holding the university accountable by discussing divestment issues. They want the university to cut ties with companies supporting Israel through various financial means.

The university’s Thursday statement confirmed the reopening of previously closed buildings at Northrop Mall at noon. Pressure is mounting on campuses across the nation, leading to crackdowns and arrests at various institutions.

President Joe Biden addressed the nation on Thursday morning, reaffirming the importance of peaceful dissent. Students protested against the Israel-Hamas conflict, highlighting the humanitarian crisis in Gaza.

The agreement between the University of Minnesota and student organizers represents a significant compromise. Successive demands were made, covering issues such as divestment, academic involvement, institution boycotts, financial transparency, and recognition of Palestinian rights.

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