UNDP Bolsters Efforts to Combat Climate Crisis in Somalia

The United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) in Somalia is exploring new avenues to enhance its efforts in addressing climate change impacts in a country known for experiencing natural disasters caused by climate change.

Somalia has faced extreme climate conditions such as droughts and floods, leading to mass displacement, unemployment, competition for limited resources, and security threats.

In a country where 73% of the population are young people, the UNDP aims to involve them in climate change initiatives to make a significant impact on mitigating climate risks.

Tarik Islam, Chief Technical Specialist at UNDP Somalia, stresses the importance of engaging youth at the grassroots level nationwide to address climate change challenges effectively.

UNDP, in collaboration with Sida and the Ministry of Environment and Climate Change, introduced the “Somalia Youth Climate Platform” to empower youth in combating climate change across the country.

Moreover, UNDP is launching the Blue Economy project in Somalia’s coastal regions in partnership with FAO and UNIDO to promote sustainable development and growth opportunities.

Despite these efforts, there are critical issues such as inadequate climate financing, disjointed initiatives, and the need for capacity building to address climate challenges effectively in Somalia.

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