uncertainty arises after the start of the Battle of Mekele

On Thursday, November 26, Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed launched hostilities against Mekele, the provincial capital of Tigray, which he wants to take back from the TPLF. 24 hours later, impossible to know more because the province is still subject to a telecommunications block. We do not know about the progress of the fighting that is threatening 500,000 people in Mekele.

as reported from Addis Ababa, Noé Rochet-Bodin

There is still so little information filtering from Tigray early on Friday, November 27th. Some sources report fighting in the town of Wukro 40 kilometers north of Mekele. Again, this information can not be verified in real time, as Tigray is under a military blockade but also under a telecommunications blockade. This is the reason why the sources contacted in Mekele are still silent right now.

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“No mercy,” a military spokesman said

Thursday, Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed assured that the federal forces would take care of the civilian population despite the imminent attack on the city. Populations that he, however, asked to stay at home to avoid being bombed. “There will be no mercy” in the battle of Mekele, a military spokesman assured.

Joe Biden’s future national security adviser, Jake Sullivan, has expressed concern about possible war crimes coming to the city. Concerns shared by the European Commissioner for Crisis Management, Janez Lenarcic, who met with the Ethiopian Deputy Prime Minister in Brussels.

On Thursday in Paris, a meeting took place between the Ethiopian government and Emmanuel Macron, who would support the government operation, according to statements from the Ethiopian Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The Élysée has not yet communicated about this meeting.

On the other hand, the French Foreign Ministry said that Jean-Yves Le Drian received on Thursday Demeke Mekonnen, Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Minister of Ethiopia. The opportunity to express France’s deep concern over the escalation of violence in Tigray and the deteriorating humanitarian situation in Ethiopia and Sudan.

The French minister reiterated his condemnation of ethnic violence and reiterated Paris’ call for action to be taken as soon as possible to protect civilians. Finally, he expressed France’s support for the initiative of the Presidency of the African Union to seek a political solution to the crisis.


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