UN Commits to Enhancing Somalia’s Aviation Industry

In Mogadishu, the United Nations Support Office in Somalia (UNSOS) is dedicated to enhancing the country’s aviation industry. Aisa Kacyira Kirabo, Head of UNSOS and UN Assistant Secretary-General, commended the government’s collaboration with UNSOS in improving aviation services for Somali security forces and aviation workers.

“We aim to empower Somalia with dignity, and we will stand by you every step of the way,” Kacyira stated in Mogadishu. The aviation capacity-building initiative, spearheaded by Ernest Manzano, chief of aviation services at UNSOS, focuses on more than just training. It seeks to revolutionize the mindset of Somali forces and civilians to handle all aviation duties.

The program includes training in aviation security, airport firefighting, military tactical operations, air traffic control, medical evacuation, meteorology, and drone operations. UNSOS intends to empower Somali forces, particularly women in aviation, and the future of the country. Hussein Sheikh Ali, Somalia’s National Security Advisor, emphasized the government’s commitment to increasing female representation in the aviation sector and national security forces.

The UNSOS Integrated Mission Training Center, represented by capacity-building specialist Maynard Alvin Thomas, has conducted various training courses to support Somalia’s transition process. Courses range from signals, interoperability, transportation, medical and engineering, combat leadership, to radio communication. Thomas noted the goal of training 600 personnel this year based on initial needs assessments.

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