UK expresses support for new Prime Minister of Somalia

MOGADISHU, Somalia – The United Kingdom [UK] joined other international partners to welcome Mohamed Hussein Roble’s endorsement of Somalia’s new Prime Minister of the country’s parliament last week.

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Roble, a Swedish-educated engineer, worked with the International Labor Organization [ILO] in Nairobi for years before his surprising appointment. He was not a politician, but is said to have broad international relations that can help the country restore its long-lost stability.

He replaced Hassan Ali Khaire, a man who had built his name as a radical reformist in view of his initiatives aimed at enabling the country’s economic stability. The former prime minister has since declared a presidential bid ahead of the much-anticipated 2021 election.

And the British Minister for Africa, James Duddridge, supported Roble as the perfect replacement for Khaire, adding that London is willing to continue working closely with Somalia by strengthening the bilateral agreements signed by previous governments, including the current one. administration of Boris Johnson.

The United Kingdom, he noted, will help the country tackle Al-Shabaab militants who have been wreaking havoc in the country for nearly 14 years ever since they first hit the country. In addition, he noted that Britain will focus on improving humanitarian aid in Somalia, a country that has struggled with stability for decades.

“Congratulations to Mohamed Roble on being confirmed as Prime Minister of Somalia,” he noted. “Great to discuss the future of close co-operation between Britain and Somalia on economic and security reform, building an inclusive state, tackling Al Shabaab and helping the most vulnerable.”

The United Kingdom is one of the most reliable partners of the Horn of Africa, in part due to close ties with the Somali Federal Government based in Mogadishu, which is heavily dependent on the support of the international community.

The United Kingdom is already pursuing long-term strategies to combat Al-Shabaab militants within Somalia through an active program to train the Somali National Army [SNA]. On Wednesday, the British Army Commander, who provided the training, Lieutenant Colonel Alex Hutton paid tribute to the close cooperation.

“The Command and Staff Course has provided 8th Brigade officers with a strong foundation in planning and controlling Brigade operations. My team and I are now looking forward to developing their skills and continuing to advise them personally from our Baidoa training base,” he remarked.

The contingent was recently visited by the Somali Minister of Defense and the British Ambassador to Somalia. Addressing the students and visiting senior members of the Somali National Army, the British Ambassador to Somalia, Ben Fender OBE noted the importance of training and equipping the Army.

“Effective planning and oversight of operations is essential to defeating Al Shabaab, and our groundbreaking course for SNA officers will provide them with the skills they need to plan and conduct effective operations,” he added.

Britain is helping to develop the core of a strong professional army that can keep Baidoa and its surrounding areas more secure. “We are committed to supporting Somalia in its fight against Al Shabaab,” the British embassy in Mogadishu said on Wednesday.


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