Ugas Yusuf Ugas Hassan Takes the Helm as 21st Clan Chief of the Hawadle Tribe

In Beledweyne, the Hawadle community’s leader, Ugas Yusuf Ugas Hassan Ugas Khalif, became the 21st chief of the Hawadle clans in a vibrant ceremony in Hiiraan. Many attended, including federal and regional leaders, elders, held in the Dara Ugas neighborhood on the outskirts of the Halgan district. Former Somali President Mohamed Abdullahi Farmaajo congratulated the new chief, urging him to carry on the legacy of past chiefs for Somalia’s progress, peace, and unity. Last year, Somali army forces and local militias freed the Dara Ugas neighborhood and other key areas in Hiiraan region for the ceremony.

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