Turkish naval vessel arrives at Somalia’s shore

A Turkish naval vessel has arrived at Somalia’s shore, marking the beginning of the defense agreement between the two countries. The ship, named Kınalıada F514, docked at Mogadishu Port after President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud’s pact with Turkey, causing tensions with the UAE, which also had a similar deal with Somalia.

Following Ethiopia’s MoU with North Western of Somalia, granting them ocean access for a port and military base, Somalia sought Turkey’s assistance in safeguarding its shoreline. The collaboration between Turkey and Somalia focuses on coastal protection, economic growth, and naval defense capabilities, with a celebratory event planned with state leaders.

Turkish Prime Minister Hamza Abdi Barre announced that Turkey would assist in building, training, and equipping the Somali navy, emphasizing the strong bond between the two nations. The Turkish warship, TCG Kınalıada, embarked on a 134-day voyage to commemorate the 100th anniversary of diplomatic relations between Turkey and Japan, with stops at various ports in multiple countries along the way.

Turkey has been instrumental in boosting security and development in Mogadishu and providing training for elite troops to combat Al-Shabaab militants. Despite facing threats from extremist groups, Turkey remains committed to supporting Somalia’s stability efforts.

Overall, the partnership between Turkey and Somalia signifies a crucial step towards strengthening security and economic growth in the region.

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