Tragedy struck in Mogadishu as a landmine blast claimed the lives of six employees of Hormuud Telecom.

In Garasbaaley on the outskirts of Mogadishu, a landmine explosion took the lives of six Hormuud Telecommunication Company workers on Sunday. Hormuud Telecom, the top telecom provider in Somalia, called the attack a deliberate targeting of commercial companies in the country. The company did not blame any particular group, and no one has claimed responsibility.

The Somali government condemned the attack, pointing fingers at the al-Shabab group. The six victims were named as Hussein Moalim Abdi Weheliye, Mohamed Abdule Wardheere, Mohamed Ahmed Wehliye, Abdikarim Osman Abdi, Abdinasir Ahmed Mohamud, and Abdifitah Nurur Abdi Fiydow.

This blast came after a previous attack on March 19th, where an explosion destroyed Hormuud’s Daallo branch in Howlwadaag. Other incidents in and around Mogadishu have targeted the company’s staff and facilities, causing harm and damage.

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