Top Minister of Somalia welcomes “progress” within the judicial subject and

MOGADISHU, Somalia – The Prime Minister of Somalia, Mohamed Hussein Roble, once again indicated that the country has made substantial progress in the ongoing efforts to reform the judiciary and security systems, which are an integral part of the broader plan to to help the country move forward.

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For decades now, Somalia has struggled to build a robust justice system and a reliable security team after years of instability and suspicion. The country does not have a functioning justice system, which has often worried international partners.

On Thursday, Roble, who took office in September last year, said that a functioning justice system and functioning security systems were fundamental to the peace and development of the country. He said the country was on track to fix systems as the country focused on growth.

The prime minister, currently responsible for planning elections in the country, honored the annual Judicial Conference in Mogadishu, where he reiterated the government’s commitment to support the systems for the sake of peace and stability.

“I honored Somalia’s Annual Judicial Conference today. A strong and independent justice system is a prerequisite for peace and development,” said Roble, whose government has been accused of failing to respect the law. constitution of the country.

“While there is room for significant improvement, Somalia has nonetheless made tangible progress towards reforming the security and justice system,” added the Prime Minister, who is the general coordinator of government programs in the country. , but who is responsible to the president of the country.

For years, Somalia has relied on military tribunals to deliver justice, which the international community has expressed concern about. Moreover, the security system is always compromised, with the opposition often accusing the government of allowing al-Shabaab to infiltrate it.



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