Tiavo Randrianisa, hope for French taekwondo for Paris 2024


Tiavo Randrianisa, 20, is one of the French athletes who intends to shine at the 2024 Paris Olympics in taekwondo. And since 2015, she has supported her sport in Madagascar with donations. Portrait.

If the time for some athletes ends with Tokyo 2020 next summer, Tiavo Randrianisa does not need to keep an eye on the clock. The Taekwondo prodigy has just extended his professionalization contract by one year from the Val-de-Marne department, in the suburbs of Paris. In the young girl’s mind, the Paris Games take precedence. “In 2024, I will be 24 years old. My goal is Olympic gold, she said with a smile.

Straight hair, slim body, a little shy, will Tiavo Randrianisa be the new one? Gwladys Spangue French taekwondo? “She is my model, I watched all her videos. She was very impressive, admits the young champion. It must be said that Tiavo Randrianisa’s start in taekwondo, a martial art of South Korean origin, sounds like a real promise. She was double champion in France’s hopes and juniors and 2016 European champion in clubs and under 17 in individual.

Imitate big brother

As a child, Tiavo Randrianisa wanted to imitate her brother whom she would “encourage” during competitions. Before joining a club, at the age of 7, she used the mirror in her bedroom to try to reproduce on her own, with her elder’s belt, the movements of this Olympic sport since 2000, the year of her birth. Premonitory? In any case, the idea has gained ground. Today, she is even preparing an education to become a taekwondo trainer after her career.

Of Malagasy origin, – she has been to Madagascar every summer since childhood – Tiavo Randrianisa is the godmother of the Sab-Nam Club in this country off the southeast coast of Africa. Concerned about the lack of funds from taekwondo practitioners on the Big Island, she has been collecting equipment every year since the age of 16, which she takes with her on each of her trips. In Madagascar, which is still one of the poorest countries on the continent, she even takes courses to share her knowledge as a high-level athlete. She is regularly entitled to articles in the Malagasy press.

Attached to Big Island

Due to Covid-19, the young athlete will not be able to play “Mother’s Christmas” this year. “Too bad. I’m very attached to Madagascar and I still have family there, in Madagascar there is still my grandmother and that’s important to me. I wanted to help these athletes and I had a long discussion with my mother to find out what “I could do. I saw people training in bad conditions, I wanted to do something,” she says with emotion.

Tiavo Randrianisa has created a Facebook page to raise awareness and encourage them to donate materials to Madagascar. His parents started the association Tiav’Or. Today she often receives messages of thanks. Enough to give him reason to continue.

Tiavo Randrianisa is definitely an atypical girl. In addition to her sport, the taekwondoist learned to play the piano on YouTube and also sings. “On the weekends, I think I have to annoy the neighbors,” she burst out laughing. Turning 20 in the middle of the coronavirus does not seem to be a problem for her. Between two daily workouts, the music lover seems to bite into life.


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