the word to witnesses to the massacre at the technical school of

The trial of former Rwandan prefect Laurent Bucyibaruta continues at assizes in Paris. Two witnesses to the massacre at Murambi Technical School took place this Friday, May 20: a man who participated in this massacre and a survivor, a young mother in April 1994 with a touching testimony.

With our special correspondent at the court in Paris, Claire Fages

On April 21, 1994, at dawn, the gendarmes attacked Murambi Technical School with grenades and weapons. “We, people from the neighborhood, went to surround the facility so that none of the Tutsi refugees could escape,” Vincent said.

This former official at the Gikongoro Health Center therefore took part in the massacre. “I had no particular anger against the Tutsis. I went to go with the others. It was like defending myself. I was weak,” he repeated three times. “From the prefecture, did we have visibility on the technical establishment of Murambi? “Asks him a lawyer for the civil parties.” Yes, very good, “he replies.

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Then comes at the helm Juliette Mukakabanda. Finally, this hutu woman, the wife of a Tutsi, will tell about her ordeal. Led by the gendarmes on foot, his family arrives in the center of Murambi.

“There is no more water. We were probably counted to be fed, but nothing came. The few cows that the refugees had brought, we had to eat the raw meat,” she says, crying. We knew we were there for to be killed. “

She tells how the gendarmes would have agreed that she would leave on the basis of her Hutu identity card if she had abandoned her children. It’s finally a Hutu militia who feels sorry for her and her three-week-old baby. Her husband and her two other children will be shot dead in Murambi.

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