The Vice President’s dinner at a jet-set restaurant in Dubai is controversial

Images shrinking in Kenya. Those of the Vice President, William Ruto, in the Emirate of Dubai. On Saturday night, the politician wanted to share his evening spent in the restaurant of the famous Turkish butcher “Salt Bae”. This restaurateur whose entrecote plated with gold leaf made its reputation and now attracts stars from all over the world.

as reported from Nairobi,Charlotte simonart

William Ruto, all smiling, enjoys the spectacle of the Turkish restaurateur with his entrecote with gold leaves. The atmosphere is festive this Saturday night in the Emirate in Dubai, and the video is posted that evening by the vice president himself on his Twitter account. Almost 200,000 views a few hours later.

While many of his supporters appreciate it, others see it as a provocation while Kenyans suffer coronavirus crisis, that unemployment is exploding and the economy is half-mast.

It is also his entire political campaign, given the 2022 presidential election, that is being questioned by his opponents. William Ruto has presented himself for several months as an alternative to the country’s dynasties, the alliance between these rich families, he says, who has monopolized the political scene for two generations. Reference to current President Uhuru Kenyatta.

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The images of the man presenting himself as the “man of the people” in this restaurant coveted by the international jet in Dubai are speckled. For William Ruto, it was above all about highlighting a success story that would inspire Kenyan youth.


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