The UN is worried about the fate of several Ethiopian soldiers on peacekeeping missions

Ethiopian soldiers have been removed from several peacekeeping missions, especially in Africa, according to a report. The UN is worried about their fate because they are all Tigrayans, and the conflict between the federal state of Ethiopia and the TPLF continues.

From our correspondent in the region, Sebastien nemeth

With the usual diplomatic curves, un said on Thursday “extremely concerned about soldiers who may possibly come home without reporting”. For several weeks, Ethiopian soldiers have been excluded from peacekeeping missions. According to a leaked internal report, they are all Tigrayans. The operation is therefore similar to ethnic profiling.

In southern Sudan, several soldiers were disarmed, arrested and forcibly returned to Addis-Adeba, where they were arrested. We would not have any news from them. The report is concerned about possible torture and even executions abroad.

Ethiopia, the second largest contributor of peacekeepers in the world.

Others have disappeared or been fired from their jobs in Sudan or New York. In Somalia, about 40 soldiers were returned without explanation. Two hundred to three hundred others would have been disarmed. But in Somalia, the Ethiopian contingent has a reputation for being the most effective. If it is weakened, it will weaken the country a little more in the face of the terrorist threat. “We are verifying the relevant facts and are implementing a series of measures,” said Farhan Haq, a UN spokesman, in a vague form. Ethiopian authorities stated that the force had been infiltrated by TPLF, which requires disarmament.

The UN is very embarrassed about this case because Ethiopia is the second largest contributor of peacekeepers in the world. Some human rights defenders are already demanding that Addis-Adeba be suspended from participating in peacekeeping missions.


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