the Ugandan contingent Amisom claims to have

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This is one of the surgeries that killed the most shebabs in less than 24 hours. The Ugandan contingent Amisom, the African force in Somalia, claimed to have eliminated 189 Islamist terrorists between Friday night and Saturday morning. A series of attacks have been carried out against several villages southwest of Mogadishu. Ugandans in particular have attack helicopters, which were often lacking throughout the Amisom period.

In an operation that they described as “surprise and fast”, the Ugandans were full of luck … The contingent launched troops on the ground supported by several attack helicopters. The units fired from the sky at least three villages, one hundred kilometers southwest of Mogadishu and known to be Shebab landmarks.

A meeting between Islamist officials was also interrupted and several participants were injured. Two Shebab commanders were arrested and handed over to the Somali army. The Ugandan People’s Defense Force (UPDF) claims to have destroyed vehicles, weapons and equipment.

The governor of the Bas-Shabell region confirmed the operation and its high toll for terrorists, a success largely due to the use of attack helicopters, the shortage of which has always been criticized within ‘Amisom.

However, the delivery of twelve aircraft was approved by the UN in February 2012, but a few months later, three Ugandan helicopters crashed on their way to Somalia, stopping the project. Since then, this type of equipment has only been used by Kenya and Ethiopia outside the framework of Amisom.

The African Force finally received three MD-500 helicopters in December 2016. Then, at the end of 2020, Uganda deployed an air unit, the result of a partnership with the UN and Amisom, the first of which was made of larger weapons was just signed up for this weekend.

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