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The election campaign ended Tuesday night in Uganda ahead of the general election scheduled for Thursday, January 14th. On Tuesday of the day, the various parties expressed one last message to their supporters before the vote.

as reported from Kampala, Lucie Mouillaud

“Go vote massively”. This is the appeal launched by all candidates on Tuesday for the last day of the campaign. Outgoing President Yoweri Museveni called on all citizens to rest on election day.

In power since 1986, Yoweri Museveni is seeking a sixth term. He will be against 10 other candidates, including Bobi Wine, singer who became MP and now the biggest opposition candidate.

The head of state assured that the police were in place so that Ugandans could go to the polls in safety despite, according to him, some intimidation carried out by opposition activists.

For their part, the three other main candidates, Bobi Wine of the National Unity Platform, Patrick Amuriat of the Forum for Democratic Change and Mugisha Muntu, of the Agency for a National Transformation, held a joint press conference on Tuesday. morning.

In addition to urging their supporters to go and vote on Thursday, they urged them to stay close to the polls to ensure their votes are counted. Goals according to them: to protect the votes and prevent possible attempts at election fraud.

Ugandan authorities also asked the telephone operators on Tuesday to cut social networks in the countrys. President Museveni apologized in his remarks for the measure, but said he had no choice after Facebook closed dozens of regime accounts.

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