The Somali govt has warned in opposition to riding

Somali government warned against holding by-elections

MOGADISHU, Somalia – The Somali government led by President Farmajo has once again been warned against holding by-elections, just days before the country officially goes to the polls, amid growing differences between the opposition and federal authorities.

Somalia was due to go to elections from December 2020, but plans were paralyzed following disagreements between the opposition and the government, which were sparked by the delayed implementation of the pre-election agreement which was signed in September.

The opposition accuses the government of deploying NISA agents, officials and loyalists to the president as election officials, a claim that FGS denies. Despite the efforts made to establish a dialogue between the two entities, no success has been recorded.

Former President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud on Saturday warned the government against holding by-elections in the country, arguing that the move could endanger the country’s unity and stability, which are pending.

“We cannot go to elections without the country being together. It is illogical to hold elections in sections of the country against the rule of law. We must find a remedy for this quagmire for the sake of stability and democracy in our country, ”he said.

On Saturday, Qoor-Qoor, a close associate of President Farmajo, said his efforts to negotiate a truce between the two sides had failed irreparably, adding that neither of them was willing to embrace the consensus that was his agenda. principal as he lobbied to get everyone to the table.

“I was optimistic that this situation would end with a dialogue between stakeholders,” he said, adding that: “But our efforts have not borne fruit. It is such a disheartening time that we have not been able to sit down and come to an understanding on various fundamental issues. . “

Moments after his announcement, Prime Minister Roble said the elections would go as planned, adding that the country would start with parliamentary elections. Polls were due to start in December 2020, but differences between FGS and the opposition derailed the process.

Galmadug, Hirshabelle and Southwest will start the electoral process, but he did not mention the situation in Jubaland and Northeastern State. The first three are allied with the federal government while the other two are seen as bastions of the opposition.



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