The Prime Minister of Somalia promises ongoing elections days after his appointment

MOGADISHU, Somalia – Elections in Somalia will continue as planned, said the newly appointed Prime Minister Mohamed Hussein Roble, just days after the election calendar was released, adding that his main mandate is to ensure that the votes are held within the stipulated time as planned in the agreement.

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Somalia stakeholders agreed to hold elections from next month, when the current government’s term expires, months after accusations and counter-accusations over the model and date of the vote, culminating in at least four conferences, leading to the historic agreement.

The country was almost heading into a crisis before the election, before the United States, the European Union and other stakeholders raised several issues, among them the nation’s stability. Somalia is mainly dependent on international partners in the financing of several key institutions.

And on Saturday, Prime Minister Roble insisted his administration would conduct the election on the basis of the Mogadishu agreement, arguing that the vote remains his biggest mandate. The Prime Minister has a mandate to coordinate government affairs among them and take the necessary measures to ensure that elections are held.

“My government and I will organize a free, fair, transparent and peaceful electoral process in Somalia and as defined in our agreement signed a few days ago. We need to ensure that the political process continues as planned for the sake of stability, “said the Prime Minister, appointed by President Mohamed Abdullahi Farmajo on 17 September 2020.

“As your servants, our main focus is to ensure that all government operations are handled properly. You do not have to panic about these short-term problems that end faster than later. It is important that the nation comes first before anything,” he said. added.

Despite the promise of the election, Prime Minister Roble is yet to constitute a legitimate cabinet as enshrined in the rule of law. From now on, he will operate alongside the cabinet for his predecessor Hassan Ali Khaire, who was fired in July, and constitutionally such a cabinet cannot come with binding legislation.

In the Mogadishu agreement, MPs will be elected in December to represent certain clans according to constituencies The Caucus model, which had been approved. The model is a kind of improved clan-based system, popularly called the 4.5 model, which had been challenged by the forces of democracy.

Senators [Upper House] elected at regional level by the existing local parliaments and will be 54 in number. The MPs who later elect the president are 275 in number and are elected mainly based on the strength of a particular clan in the Horn of Africa.

A special electoral commission from the state level will conduct the election under the supervision of another team from the federal government. This technically excludes the National Independent Electoral Commission, and the team coordinates the president’s ballots in February 2021.


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