The President of the Senate is authorised to have contributors

The President of the Senate is authorized to have members in the electoral body at the state level

AXADLE, Northeastern State – Senate Speaker Abdi Hashi has reached consensus with the Somali government after months of deadlock over the appointment of an electoral commission that will oversee the election of MPs representing the northern regions to the next national assembly.

For a long time, Hashi has disagreed with President Farmajo’s government, which he accuses, among other things, of violating basic constitutional rights and disrespecting other branches of government such as the legislature in which he serves.

During talks in Garowe, the capital of Northeastern State, Hashi and Deputy Prime Minister Mahdi Guled agreed for the speaker to choose three members to join the rest of the electoral team which is expected to chair the North Western of Somalialegislature elections.

The 11-member committee announced by Prime Minister Roble in December 2020, in which four members were appointed by the Deputy Prime Minister, bringing the total to 14. The team has yet to start its work in because of the pressure of the opposition which demands a total revision.

North Western of Somaliaclaimed to have seceded from Somalia in 1991, a year after the outbreak of civil war in the country. However, no country in the northern region has been recognized as a sovereign nation for the past 30 years.

The region is mobilizing for international recognition, but thirty years later, the objective remains to be achieved. President Hashi is one of Somaliland’s most prominent politicians who sits in Mogadishu.



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