the other November 28 victims of “humanitarian debt”

The country celebrates its 60th anniversary of its independence this Saturday, November 28. But this date also marks another anniversary, painful: the massacre of 28 black soldiers, hanged at the base of the Inal, in the Nouadhibou region, on November 28, 1990. A drama that is part of a period of bloody repression against the Negro Mauritanians, between 1989 and 1991. A period was qualified as “humanitarian passive”. As every year, the widow collective has planned its own march this Saturday to once again demand justice.

With our special correspondent in Nouakchott, Charlotte idrac

On carpets, Houlèye Sall welcomes members to the yard of her house. The president of the widow collection is now 80 years old. Her son Abdoulaye was killed in November 1990. “My life was wasted,” she says. The state has never said anything, never done anything … I feel a little old, but for 30 years I have gone on November 28 to protest. ”

An amnesty law was adopted in 1993 for perpetrators of crimes committed between 1989 and 1992. Rejected for Maïmouna Alpha Sy. Her husband, a customs official, was killed in Nouadhibou ahead of Independence Day.

“Our children and our grandchildren”

“Independence Day should be a joy,” said Maïmouna Alpha Sy. Us, it’s the other way around: it’s crying, it’s sad. They were told why they were buried. Those responsible are there. We want these people to be brought to justice. We will never give up. If it is not us, it will be our children and our grandchildren. “

In fact, Mamadou Lamtoro Camara was barely 2 years old when his father was killed in Inal. The 30-year-old talks about an obligation to remember: “Sometimes I see generations my age who do not even know what happened in Mauritania. It’s serious. All children in the country need to know. In this way, we can build Mauritania in a good dynamic and live together. ”

Before the march, a day of prayer was arranged this Friday.

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