The new Somali president in Egypt, the last phase of

Hassan Sheikh Mohamoud was on an official visit to Egypt on Monday, July 25, where he was received with honors by President al-Sissi, a traditional ally of Somalia.

“Somalia wants to be at peace with itself and with the world.” This is the message that the new Somali presidency has been distilling for weeks. Also, barely electedtook the new head of state quickly on an international tour with a strong political content.

Its intention is to smooth out all the problems in order to be able to “focus on the internal situation”, confides a Somali journalist. Its reception with great fanfare in Egypt is therefore part of this plan.

Since his election, Hassan Cheikh Mohamoud has traveled to the United Arab Emirates, donors and strategic partners, then to Turkey, which trains its army and manages key infrastructure in Somalia. More surprisingly, he also went to Eritrea, where there is a contingent of thousands of soldiers whose repatriation was one of his campaign promises, before going to Djibouti, whose population is partly Somali. In the end, he was able to restore the connection with Kenya, with which relations had deteriorated for several years.

In this reckoning, the powerful Ethiopia, where the Shebab jihadists are missing conducted a military operation for the first time last week. The Somali presidency ensures that it is on the agenda. The noted and officially unexplained public absence of Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed for three weeks could explain why no date has yet been set.

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