the kids cross again to highschool after

It’s back in school in Kenya. After nine months of closure due to the Covid 19 pandemic, schools are finally reopening their doors to more than 16 million school children. This long closure, adopted in March, had catastrophic consequences for children. Massive school dropouts are expected in the country.

with our correspondent in Nairobi, Charlotte Simonart

They have been waiting for more than nine months for their return behind the school desks. Almost a year without training or almost because, if distance courses have been set up by some companies, in fact very few Kenyans have had access to the necessary technological equipment.

This long closure of schools is difficult to understand in the country, although churches, restaurants and shops have almost never closed since the start of the pandemic.

Serious consequences for children

The consequences for children are dramatic.

First, the teenage pregnancy boom. According to’Unicef, more than 2 out of 5 teenage girls are currently pregnant in Kenya. Young girls abandoned by their parents who have to continue working. Some of them got married, still minors.

Then the children, who are more and more in the capital, live by begging. Others went to work to help their parents support their families. Not to mention crime and drug use exploding among young people.

So many children, maybe hundreds of thousands, not returning to school this Monday.


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