The increasing water levels of the Shabelle River are causing concern among the residents of Beledweyne.

Mogadishu, Somalia – The river in Beledweyne, the capital of Hiiraan, swelled from heavy rain, alarming locals. Heavy rainfall in Hiiraan and Ethiopian Somali overflowed the Shabelle River, nearing peak levels. Reports show the river flooded areas near Jowhar, affecting regions like Baarey and Kukaay. The Deputy Minister of Agriculture in Hirshabelle, Mohamed Bashir Qasim Daqare, stated that floods have hit areas including Mandere and Bayahaw. SoDMA warned of flooding in districts like Jowhar, Buulaburde, and Dolow. East Africa, including Kenya, faces severe downpours amid climate change. Kenya reported 70 deaths from flooding and heavy rains since mid-March. In Tanzania, Prime Minister Kassim Majaliwa cited 155 fatalities from flooding and landslides caused by El Nino. The rainy season has damaged infrastructure in Tanzania, worsening due to the El Nino climate pattern.

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