the future division of the central-eastern region does not please everyone

Madagascar, which currently has 22 regions, should soon have 23. One of them, the Middle East region “Vatovavy Fitovinany”, will be split in two if Parliament ratifies the split just proposed by President Rajoelina. But this division is not suitable for everyone. And the reasons to justify such a change, even less.

as reported from Antananarivo

This shrub farmer on the outskirts of Ranomafana National Park is careful. “I have never heard of this separation and no one has ever asked us for our opinion on it. I wonder why when we have always lived together, we should separate. ”

And still. This weekend, the President of the Republic, traveling in the Vatovavy-Fitovinany region, announced the future division. Three districts of Vatovavy (Mananjary, Nosy Varika and Ifanadiana; the city of Mananjary would then be the capital) and three others of Fitovinany (Manakara, Vohipeno and Ikongo; the city of Manakara would therefore continue to be the capital of a region narrowed this time).

“It is not a question of dividing ethnic groups, it is rather an administrative division, the aim of which is to provide an opportunity for equal development for the six districts to establish a similar administrative system. of the people and to facilitate the people’s access to public administration, ”the president then recalled.

The companies have left (…) everyone has left

For this small hotel owner in Irondro, the news is good. He had long hoped to be linked back to Mananjary. “To be honest, it was not really the distance that was our problem. From here to Mananjary it is 60 km. For Manakara it is 101 km. The real problem is having seen the lack of development, progress since we were linked to Manakara in the 2000s. Here we have become poor, companies have moved to Manakara, everything. the world has left. ”

However, the division also causes some to shout at some who accuse the head of state of having silenced the real reasons behind the borders. In addition to the issues of seizing land rich in minerals and cash crops, there are also ethnic issues, some say. “The president is lying when he says that it is not an ethnic issue and that it is for the good development of the localities. His close circle roams around. This is a mafia that wants to adapt our wealth and maintain a subordinate bond between ethnic groups. They do not look at us, despise us and want us to remain in their fold to better enslave us, ”explains a locally elected official who preferred to remain anonymous.