the former Rwandan prefect was faced with a strong testimony

The trial of former Rwandan prefect Laurent Bucyibaruta on Thursday, May 19, dealt with the massacres that took place in Murambi, on the territory of Gikongoro prefecture. The accused was confronted with the testimony of a survivor: Jacques Uwimana, son of a leader of the Pentecostal church in this prefecture.

Before the Paris Assize Court, Jacques Uwimana was heard for simple information, not as a witness, states our special correspondent at the Paris courthouse,Claire Fages. But the story of the survivor of the 1994 Rwandan massacre may weigh heavily.

“In 1994, I was around 17. My father was a pastor. He represented the Association of Pentecostal Churches in Gikongoro Prefecture, he said. When the murders began, a hundred parishioners came to take refuge in us. On April 10, my father called the headmaster to guarantee them safety and food. The next day, the citizen came with the gendarmes to lead them to the city of Murambi.

Everyone will be killed on April 21. On the 23rd, the entire pastor’s family was decimated in his home. Jacques Uwimana has just enough time to hide under a suspended ceiling.

Seeing the pictures of the pastor, Laurent Bucyibaruta said he did not recognize the man of the church, who nevertheless had the same weight as a bishop in his prefecture. “Did he call me at the office or at home?” Asked the former headmaster, as if to get in touch. He had already done so on the morning of this Thursday, May 19, stating that there was no telephone in Kibeho’s parish and that the priest had not been able to warn him.

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