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Difficult resumption of negotiations between Sudan, Egypt and Ethiopia on Renaissance Dam, the future largest dam in Africa built by Ethiopia. An agreement on the division of the waters of the Nile still seems far away. The numerous discussions held in 2020 did not create any consensus. They were often interrupted several times due to disagreements between the parties. On Sunday, January 3, a new attempt took place. And the start of negotiations remains tense.

as reported from Addis Ababa Noé Rochet-Bodin

The Egyptian, Sudanese and Ethiopian ministers have given themselves a week to negotiate a new text and try to answer this eternal question: at what rate should Ethiopia fill the reservoir of its dam without impeding the flow of the Nile for both downstream countries?

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The initial discussion took place yesterday, Sunday 3 January, in the presence of the African Union, which once again managed to bring the three countries together around the same table, which is far from obvious in the current context. In fact, tensions between Addis Ababa and Khartoum are rising clash between their two armies at the border. Addis Ababa, which also accuses Cairo of destabilizing the region.

An agreement is still far from being reached. Worst, divisions are visible even before the start of the negotiations. In a statement released on Sunday, the Ethiopian government is pointing the finger at Egypt, which has categorically rejected the document presented by African Union experts on the course of the negotiations.

But in Cairo, on the contrary, they insist on the importance of reaching agreement to avoid the disappointment of 2020, when Ethiopia had unilaterally decided to fill part of its dam reservoir. The three countries met on Sunday, January 10, to present their findings.


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