the Comorian authorities says it doesn’t perceive

While Madagascar Airlines had introduced the resumption of flights with the Comoros, the Malagasy Minister of Transport judged that the circumstances had not been met, six months after a case of gold smuggling which had concerned Malagasy and Comorian nationals.

Houmed Msaidie is tempted to explain the scenario as “Kafkaesque”. Following the choice of the Malagasy authorities to reduce off air hyperlinks to the Comorosthe spokesman for the Comorian authorities expresses his incomprehension.

The Malagasy transport minister defined final week that this choice was linked to gold smuggling and prompt that air hyperlinks to the Comoros have been thought-about to be at threat. threat that the authorities took this choice”, Rolland Ranjatoelina had declared.

“We are tempted to surprise if it isn’t the hospital that makes enjoyable of charity,” replies the spokesman for the Comorian government. “Comorian customs found gold smuggling from the excessive seas and it seems that it was Malagasy nationals with Comorian batons concerned,” recalls Houmed Msaidie.

The case goes back to December last year, when three men, including two Malagasy nationals, has been arrestedat customs at Moroni International Airport, with in their possession 49 kilos of gold bars which would have been found by sea off the coast of Anjouan.The two Malagasy were already wantedsince December 2020, following the seizure of 74 kilos of gold in Johannesburg. “The Malagasy authorities requested to have its nationals extradited, which we did. The Malagasy Minister of Justice himself took the lead of the delegation that got here to get better them”, continues Houmed Msaidie.

The resumption of flights between Antananarivo and Moroni requires permission from the Council of Ministers, the Malagasy Minister of Transport stated last week, clarifying that “the circumstances haven’t been met” to return to the connections for now. “We perceive completely nothing. What we wish is to confer with the competent Malagasy authority, as a result of we needed to do what we did”, insists the spokesman for the Comorian authorities.

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