THE CAR “is at a crucial turning point”, warns

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The new report of the UN Secretary-General on the Central African Republic has just been published. He has been dissecting the events since October 12 and taking stock of the period before and after the election. CAR faced a significant increase in violence during the election period with the formation of a new armed coalition that led an offensive on Bangui and disrupted the vote

as reported from Bangui, Charlotte Cosset

The Secretary-General finds in his remarks that it was “important” that the election be held “within the constitutional deadlines”. And to ensure that “the Central African Republic is at a crucial turning point”.

“Election violence resulted in widespread human rights violations,” the report said. It notes an increase of over 60% in human rights violations between October 2020 and February 2021. Violations attributable to armed groups but also state agents, including the application of the national curfew. Resulting in disproportionate and excessive use of force. ”.

According to the UN report, “Minusca’s strength was put to the test while the pressure on the mission intensified due to the generalized layoffs and deserts of the national security forces”. The Secretary-General calls for “strengthening the governance of the security sector” and for “an effective reform process”.

The rollout of troops under bilateral agreements made it possible to deal with the situation, the Secretary-General acknowledges – without ever mentioning Russia or Rwanda. Nevertheless, he calls for better coordination between the partners responsible for security “in order to guarantee the protection of peacekeepers and to facilitate humanitarian access”. La Minusca has had to bear “a greater share of the burden than expected” in recent months, he says. Among his observations, he recommends strengthening the strength of the UN mission. The Secretary-General is asking for an additional 2,750 soldiers and 940 police officers, which in total will bring the mission to more than 17,000 mission forces, especially “to reverse the trend”.

Finally, the report highlights the worsening humanitarian crisis, in which more than half of the population needs humanitarian aid today. Incidents against humanitarian actors are on the rise. In January 2021: 66 incidents were recorded, the highest number ever recorded. In 2020, there were 424 incidents that caused 3 deaths and 29 injuries. Since mid-December, a further 240,000 people have been displaced “due to election-related violence”. Half of these displaced people have not yet been able to return home.


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