the authorities deny that they received and helped the fugitives

He had been wanted by the UN for 22 years for his alleged involvement in the Tutsi genocide in Rwanda in 1994. On Thursday, the prosecutor for the mechanism, the office that succeeded the International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda, revealed that Mpiranya had in fact died 15 years ago in Zimbabwe. had found a refuge. The prosecutor also lamented the lack of cooperation from Zimbabwe that would have made it possible to find him more quickly.

“The government did not help, encourage or hide Mr. Mpiranya, contrary to slander from international media,” said Zimbabwe’s foreign minister. In a press release, it adds that Zimbabwe fully cooperated with the investigators, created a joint working group, participated in the funding of the research and that Harare approved and participated in the excavation of the remains of Protais Mpiranya.

Here she is. Minister Shava’s full statement on Mpiranya, whose remains were found buried in Zimbabwe under a false name.

– Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Trade (@MoFA_ZW) 15 May 2022 Last week, confirmation that Protais Mpiranya had lived and worked in Zimbabwe before he dies there to raise many questions and critics. For Serge Brammertz, the mechanism’s prosecutor in charge of investigating the Rwandan refugees, Protais Mpiranya took refuge in Zimbabwe – probably in 2002 – with the help of high-ranking Zimbabweans and in cooperation with corrupt officials. He does not say that the government was aware of the presence of the Rwandan refugee, but absolutely senior officials.

Let us not forget that there was a change of government in Zimbabwe. In 2017, Emmerson Mnangagwa replaced Robert Mugabe as head of state and was much more open. The country is trying to attract help from the international community, hence the recent years’ cooperation with UN investigators.

Serge Brammertz spoke of a long and intensive investigation and lamented the lack of cooperation from the states. He also wanted criticism of South Africa, which he accuses of harboring or having hosted Fulgence Kayishema, another Rwandan refugee.

To listen also Serge Brammertz (TPI): “The Rwandan refugee Protais Mpiranya who died in Zimbabwe was buried under a false name”

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