tension at its height at the state’s highest peak

Nothing is right between President Uhuru Kenyatta and his Vice President, William Ruto. In the background already: the next presidential election in 2022. If the campaign has not yet started, the supporters of the two camps have already been involved in a relentless struggle for several months. Violence is already breaking out between the opposing clans. The stability of the country may be compromised.

as reported from Nairobi,

Sunday is Mass Day. Who says mass says political gatherings. On Sunday, Raila Odinga, former leader of the opposition, today gathered for the current president, no exception to the rule, surrounded by powerful businessmen.

However, the collection of William Ruto, the vice-president, was banned by the authorities. Officially to maintain public order. A decision that angered the Ruto clan.

Coup and shenanigans have multiplied for several months at the top of the state. President Kenyatta is stepping down in 2022. He was to support the candidacy of his Vice President Ruto. But in the end, he would seek another successor.

Since then, Ruto has distanced himself. Two years before the election, he is already mobilizing his troops and launching hostile messages against the Kenyatta clan. Result: on the ground, supporters strongly support. A few days ago, a political rally turned into a tragedy that killed at least 2 people.

The country’s leaders are concerned: “If nothing is done to calm things down, Kenya could fall into chaos.” A scenario that is not unlike that in 2007, when the violence after the election left a thousand dead.