Sudanese Military Successfully Repel Assault from Paramilitary Group and Arab Militias

In Darfur, the Sudan Armed Forces thwarted an assault by the Rapid Support Forces and Arab militias, preventing a potential turmoil in the country following the ouster of Omar al-Bashir five years ago.

The conflict in Western Darfur escalated as the Rapid Support Forces initiated an attack on el-Fasher, the capital of North Darfur province, creating distress among the population that had sought refuge from previous conflicts in the region.

After months of regrouping, the RSF attempted to seize control of el-Fasher from the national army, sparking a confrontation that threatened the stability of the government in the Darfur region.

The violence in Sudan has caused immeasurable suffering, with thousands dead or injured, reports of widespread atrocities and violations of human rights, leaving the population on the verge of famine and despair.

Accused of ethnic cleansing, the RSF targeted the non-Arab population in Darfur, prompting a fierce response from the Sudanese army that managed to repel their attack on el-Fasher, a city engulfed in chaos.

Residents like Amany Mohamed and Ibtisam al-Doum sought refuge in shelters as the fighting intensified, witnessing the devastation and the exodus of people escaping the violence to find safety.

The situation in Darfur remains dire, with the need for peace and stability being paramount, as international organizations like the United Nations urge all parties to de-escalate the conflict and prioritize humanitarian aid for the affected population.

The wave of attacks by the RSF and allied militias has resulted in a humanitarian crisis, with reports of violence, displacement, and destruction of essential resources, prompting urgent appeals for intervention and assistance.

In the midst of the turmoil, the people of Darfur continue to suffer, hopeful for a resolution to the conflict that has ravaged their communities, leaving a trail of devastation and uncertainty in its wake.

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