Sudan prepares for new “Million March”

Sudan is preparing to experience Thursday, June 30, a day that the opposition would like to make historic. A major “million march” is planned in Khartoum and several cities across the country to once again express popular opposition to the October 25 coup. This is also to celebrate the demonstration on June 30, 2019, which forced the military to share power with civilians, following the fall of former President Omar Al-Bashir.

Spontaneous gatherings have taken place in recent days in the working-class neighborhoods of Khartoum at the request of the resistance committees. The goal was the same everywhere: to inform the inhabitants of “Million Marchto the Presidential Palace on Thursday, its meeting places, its instructions and its watchwords.

In several cities in the country, the local committees have also announced their intention to block strategic places such as the highway to Egypt, markets or the surroundings around courthouses where political prisoners are sentenced.

Doctors and independent lawyers have already organized themselves as observers, while the security forces began to take drastic measures to restrict traffic. Arrests in the ranks of the revolutionary forces have also taken place in recent days. A member of a Khartoum’s northern committee said he expected a cut in telephone lines and internet access.

This great event occurs at a time when the political stalemate is total, with the suspension of UN mediation, the African Union and Igad. But also when the Confederation was made short on Tuesday, after the army launched military operations against Ethiopia, in the disputed triangle El-Fashaga.

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