Student in Mogadishu tragically gunned down by government troops near dairy plant

In the heart of Mogadishu, a tragic event unfolded as a young female student lost her life to gunfire from government forces near the Milk Factory according to reports. The victim, Muno Mohamed Hiirey, a promising medical student at the University of Mogadishu, was on her way in a BL car when she was fatally shot by soldiers stationed in the area. Scheduled to graduate later this year, Hiirey’s untimely death has sparked outrage among her family and the community. Following the shooting, the soldiers involved quickly fled the scene, adding to the concerns of a pattern of violence linked to government forces in the region. Hiirey’s family, grieving the loss of their bright and hopeful daughter, has demanded justice for her death, refusing to bury her until their pleas are addressed. The family spokesperson emphasized the need for swift action to hold those responsible for Hiirey’s death to account, highlighting the frustration within the community over the government’s failure to ensure military conduct and public safety.

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