Southwest State of Somalia Challenges Federal Decision on Ethiopian Troop Withdrawal by 2024

In Baidoa, the Southwest regional state’s leadership has voiced its dissent against the federal directive to pull Ethiopian troops out by the end of 2024, coinciding with the conclusion of the AMIS mission in December.

According to the Ministry of Security’s post on X (formerly Twitter), the regional executive is vigilant about certain entities distorting the Ethiopian army’s endeavors within the state.

“Our gratitude extends to the Ethiopian forces participating in the ATMIS mission. Their mandate is challenging, yet their commitment remains unwavering as they contribute to regional stability,” the Ministry expressed.

Over the weekend, Somalia’s National Security Advisor, Hussein Sheikh Ali, declared that Ethiopia could not be regarded as a partner in fostering regional peace as it infringes upon Somalia’s sovereignty and borders.

Hussein Sheikh Ali also noted that reinforcements from Djibouti, Kenya, Uganda, and Burundi are set to land in Somalia following ATMIS’s departure. He highlighted that these units would form the backbone of the AU-led forces sans Ethiopian participation post-mission.

The diplomatic bond between Ethiopia and Somalia soured following Ethiopia’s January 1st accord with the North Western of Somalia administration, granting Ethiopia access to the sea and a military base in return for likely endorsing North Western of Somalia’s sovereignty.

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