South Africa: spend a night on a hotel flight

Do you always think that you sleep poorly on flights? Not with Aerotel. This is not an airline, but an exclusive hotel housed in an old airplane. Six bedrooms were built in the cottage. Price for one night for a couple: 200 euros. That’s not all: it will soon be possible to sleep in a former presidential plane. Jet by a sitting African head of state is equipped.

From our correspondent in Cape Town,

A Boeing737 seems to have landed in the middle of the bush. The aircraft is visible from the road and appears intact. Inside six cramped but comfortable cabins, where the double bed sits next to the bathroom. “This is what the rooms look like,” says Simoné Breytenbach, hotel manager, and shows us around.

“We kept the original cabin valves, you can open and close them. We have turned the cabin compartments into cabinets to store things like a blanket. Here a mirror, a mini fridge and a safe,” explains the manager. The hotel impresses with its attention to detail and recovery.But if there is one place that has not been transformed: it is the cockpit.

Customers and “pilots” A couple show up there. “Get started, you can sit down,” invites Simoné Breytenbach. “Are we leaving?”, “We are flying to Bali”, imagine Willem Marais and Ivanda Swiegers. This couple from Johannesburg takes the place of the pilots. The instrument panel at 40 years old.

“Great! It’s very original to have turned an airplane into a hotel, I must say,” enthuses Willem Marais. says Ivanda Swiegers.

Presidential plan A couple of property developers came up with the idea of ​​converting old aircraft into hotels. The first opened in 2020 after 18 months of work and a second was bought in June 2021. Not just any plan: “He was not very happy about losing his plan, but it was Djibouti’s president,” says Tracy den Dunnen, the owner.

That is why it was Ismaïl Omar Guelleh’s official plan. A Boeing 727 was purchased in 2001.

The aircraft was in South Africa for a full overhaul, except that there is a dispute over charges that resulted in legal action and resulted in the aircraft being seized to cover unpaid bills. It is very beautiful inside, there are these fantastic lounges, these large cream-colored leather armchairs. I would love to travel under these conditions (laughs) Once it is renovated, the plane can be booked in its entirety. Three VIP rooms for family rental. A question should soon arise: who sleeps in the president’s bed?

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