Somaliland Forces Promise to Reclaim Control of Las Anod and Secure Sool Territory

In Hargeisa, the Somaliland military is determined to retake the Sool region, including the city of Lasanod, lost to local forces backed by Puntland. After suffering a major loss in August 2023, Somaliland forces were driven out of much of the Sool region, including Las Anod.

Commander Nuh Ismail Tani of the Somaliland military highlighted the preparedness and resilience of his troops, despite recent setbacks. “Our soldiers, who bravely defend our nation, remain strong and steadfast,” Tani stated in an interview with government media. He assured the people of Somaliland that the military is on the brink of recapturing lost territories.

In the midst of the chaos, local leaders have formed an independent administration called SSC Khatumo, now acknowledged by the Somali government as an interim governing body. SSC Khatumo aims to extend its authority over Sool, Sanaag, and Ayn regions, with a goal of full integration into the Federal Government of Somalia.

Somaliland continues to assert its ownership of the Sool region, intensifying troop training in response to recent military defeats.

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