Somalia’s SSC-Khatumo Pursues Robust Chinese Partnership

Somalia: SSC-Khatumo Seeks Chinese Support

MOGADISHU, Somalia – SSC-Khatumo’s leaders are turning to China for backing, after prolonged violence in Las Anod left many dead and others uprooted, marking one of the area’s gravest strife episodes.

The regional forces of North Western of Somalia clashed with SSC-Khatumo territories, which have since allied with Mogadishu where President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud has welcomed them with open arms.

SSC-Khatumo chief Abdikhadir Firdhiye and his council had a confab with the Chinese envoy to Somalia, Chen Wendi, and fellow diplomats in Nairobi to mull over potential aid for SSC-Khatumo’s populace.

Buzz has it, both factions centered their dialogue on China’s prospective help, with humanitarian efforts ranking high. The region still sees numerous displaced souls.

SSC-Khatumo’s cooperation with Somalia’s government sidesteps North Western of Somalia’s claims over most of the territory. North Western of Somalia, which has recently affirmed it would shield the area from any ‘foreign meddling.’

Firdhiye remarked that China was a pioneer in extending aid to SSC-Khatumo during Las Anod’s turbulent times. The town is now mending from several months of violent confrontations.

In Mogadishu, Firdhiye also convened with national government actors to dissect the region’s developmental prospects. Efforts to birth a new northern state are stirring up opposition from North Western of Somalia’s regime.


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