Somalia’s leaders resume talks to break a deadlock for the election

Somalia’s leaders resume talks to break a deadlock for the election

MOGADISHU, Somalia – The long-awaited pre-election meeting between the federal government of Somalia and the federal member states has officially started in Mogadishu, days after the international community almost broke records with Somalia after Farmajo tried to extend his term.

Prime Minister Mohamed Hussein Roble is leading the talks and is optimistic that they will bear fruit as the country seeks to mitigate current electoral support that has literally delayed elections in the country.

Present for the talks is Said Abdullahi Deni [Puntland]Ahmed Madobe [Jubaland]Ahmed Abdi Kariye [Galmadug]Ali Ali [Hirshabelle], Lafta-Gareen [Southwest]and Mogadishu Mayor Omar Filish, who is also a stakeholder in the talks.

The country’s outgoing leader Mohamed Abdullahi Farmajo is absent but had delegated powers to Prime Minister Mohamed Hussein Roble to lead the talks. Farmajo had originally been accused of obstructing the talks by “encouraging” a number of regional leaders.

Earlier this week, Prime Minister Mohamed Hussein Roble expressed optimism that the talks would provide concrete solutions, adding that a satisfactory outcome would help the country move forward and hold elections in time.

“As we are fully prepared for the National Electoral Consultative Conference, I am optimistic that it will start smoothly and end satisfactorily so that the country goes to transparent, free and fair elections,” he noted.

Unlike Farmajo, Roble has received unlikely support, with former President Sharif Sheikh Ahmed saying he has full confidence in him. Both Jubaland and Northeastern State’s leaders had also expressed similar feelings.

“I have full confidence in Prime Minister Roble’s ongoing efforts to resolve outstanding issues in the elections, as I am convinced that the Prime Minister should be given due support and the opportunity to ensure that he fulfills the enormous task of holding free and fair elections.” Sharif Sheikh Ahmed sa.

The country’s leaders have had such meetings before, but unfortunately the federal government has repeatedly failed to implement the result. Many international players want management to facilitate a smooth transition.

The first day of the national election consultative meeting in Mogadishu chaired by Prime Minister Roble ends. The FGS-FMS talks are packed in an atmosphere of mutual understanding and will be recalled on Sunday



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