Somalia’s Defense Minister Acknowledges US-Trained Danab Officers Engaged in Food Ration Resale Scandal

Somalia’s Minister of Defense has admitted that officers from the US-trained Danab Special Forces were involved in the sale of food rations that were donated by the US government. The theft was confirmed two weeks ago, and some officers were caught in the act a week ago. Multiple officers have been arrested in connection to the theft.

The Minister did not disclose the exact number of people detained but confirmed that the rations were sold in the market. The government made a statement regarding the incident and promised to take action against all those involved, including military officers.

When asked about accountability, the Minister stated that it lies at a unit level. The Danab commandos have been instrumental in combating Al-Shabaab, a militant group aiming to overthrow Somalia’s fragile UN-backed government.

The incident occurred during a transitional period when the Somali government was in the process of transferring logistical responsibilities to the force. The Minister assured that US support for Danab remains intact, with the exception of rations.

Despite accusations of spending excessive time on TikTok, the Minister defended his use of the platform as a way to communicate messages. He is known to be a close associate of President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud.

Since 2017, the United States has been aiding the Danab forces in combating violent extremism. Over 3,000 elite troops have been trained by the US, a reliable partner of the Federal Republic of Somalia.


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