Somalia Secures Historic Seat on UN Security Council After 52-Year Hiatus

Mogadishu (AX) – On Thursday, the UN General Assembly chose Somalia, Denmark, Greece, Pakistan, and Panama to join the Security Council as non-permanent members. Their two-year terms will begin January 1 of next year.

Somalia clinched 179 votes, Pakistan 182, Panama 183, Greece 182, and Denmark topped with 184. Each surpassed the required two-thirds majority, enabling them to replace Ecuador, Japan, Malta, Mozambique, and Switzerland.

Starting January 1, 2025, the new members will serve until December 31, 2026, as non-permanent members of the UNSC.

Somalia’s Foreign Minister, Ambassador Ahmed Moalim Fiqi, hailed the win as a testament to Somalia’s diplomatic fervor and steadfastness towards global peace. He emphasized Somalia’s influence in shaping pivotal international political and security decisions.

This marks Somalia’s first victory in 52 years for a non-permanent spot on the UN Security Council. The African Union (AU) strongly endorsed Somalia’s run. At the 44th Ordinary Session of the AU Executive Council in February 2024, Somalia was backed as the sole African candidate, leading Mauritius and Madagascar to withdraw.

The UN Security Council consists of 15 members: five permanent and ten non-permanent, elected for two-year stints. The Council’s duty is to uphold global peace and security, including decisions about sanctions, force deployment, and peacekeeping missions.

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