Somalia: El-Dheer Holds Strong Under SNA Control Amid Al-Shabaab Tensions

ELDHER, Somalia – Officials announced the early Saturday assault on El-Dheer town was thwarted, despite considerable devastation to the Somali National Army (SNA) and local forces who swiftly responded after a distress call from the troops.

In central Somalia, fierce combat erupted as Al-Shabaab militants targeted several SNA bases within the district. By the end, two high-ranking military officers were confirmed dead, hours following the incident.

Authorities reported that communication in the township has been reestablished, and they praised the army for resisting the militant incursion. For the past two years, records indicate the bases in the area have faced constant onslaught from the militants.

On Saturday, officials verified the deaths of officers Yonis Hassan Sabriye and Colonel Abdulle in the El-Dheer attack by Al-Shabaab, noting their crucial roles in the ongoing battle against the militant group.

Security forces stated that Somali government troops and local combatants regained control of El-Dheer in Galmudug state after al-Shabaab’s early morning raid, hours subsequent to the ambush.

The militants set off explosives in at least two camps, followed by an infantry assault around 4 am local time. The clash continued for several hours, as confirmed by officials on the scene.

Government representatives relayed to the media that the militants incurred significant casualties, yet they have not released exact numbers. High-ranking officials mentioned that the militants were subdued shortly after launching their attack.

Al-Shabaab issued a statement asserting they had killed 59 soldiers and fighters. Additionally, via Telegram, they posted alleged photos of their militants in at least one camp they claimed to have “overrun,” though these images are still pending verification.


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