Somalia arrests U.S.-trained elite soldiers for stealing food provisions

Somalia has taken action against U.S.-trained commandos for stealing donated rations, halting their duties and detaining them as the government steps in to provide supplies. The Danab unit, trained by the United States to combat Al Shabaab, has had financial support suspended due to suspicions of corruption. The U.S. is investigating the incident and aims to establish safeguards to prevent similar occurrences in the future. The Danab forces were trained in 2017 to counter Al Shabaab’s insurgency against the Somali government. Despite successful operations, the campaign has slowed down, leading to difficulties in maintaining control over certain areas. The U.S. suspended aid in 2017 when the military failed to account for essential supplies. In efforts to combat Al Shabaab, the U.S. frequently conducts drone strikes. This information was reported by Reuters.

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