Somalia and UN Commit to Advancing Sustainable Food Systems

“Investing smartly in agriculture is key to ensuring food and nutrition security in Somalia,” declared Agriculture Minister Mohamed Abdi Hayir in Mogadishu. Committed, Hayir emphasized, his ministry’s vital role will persist, leveraging partnerships to deliver efficient, effective services to Somali farmers.

Several stakeholders gathered for a meeting on the joint resilience program. Participants included senior government officials, farmer cooperatives, state representatives, and local partners. They all actively engaged in the project.

The assembly aimed to integrate reflections and key learnings from the joint resilience initiative.

Ezana Kassa, who helms FAO Somalia’s program, underscored the significance of partnerships in forging resilient livelihoods and transforming agrifood systems.

“Solid collaboration with the Ministry of Agriculture and Irrigation at various levels propelled the success of this joint resilience endeavor in Somalia, crucial for crafting efficient, inclusive, sustainable agrifood systems. It strengthens smallholder farmers’ ability to withstand climate change,” Kassa noted.

This project bolstered fragile farming households. It employed a holistic farm-to-table approach, empowering 7,500 farmers and 30 cooperatives utilizing innovative, climate-smart farming techniques.

El-Khidir Daloum, WFP’s Country Director, emphasized the necessity of collaborative efforts with the Somali government and development agencies to escalate productivity and forge key market connections for smallholder farmers.

“These initiatives, typified by the successful joint resilience project, are fundamental for developing sustainable food systems and fortifying Somalia’s resilience to climate change. Such partnerships facilitate immediate progress and establish a foundation for long-term stability and development in Somalia,” Daloum asserted.

The meeting also featured select cooperative members who shared the positive impact the project had on their lives. ■

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