Somalia: Al-Shabaab casualties reach 70 as Somali National Army secures additional territory

In Somalia, the death toll of Al-Shabaab members rises to 70 due to successful operations conducted by the Somali National Army (SNA) in collaboration with US Africa Command and the African Union Transition Mission in Somalia (ATMIS). The recent crackdown focused on central regions, with fierce fighting resulting in the killing of over 70 militants and injuring 30 others near Tabar-mooge area, north of Harardhere town. This area is known for harboring Al-Shabaab operatives. The joint military operation involved Somali forces and international partners, targeting fleeing militias from Carfuuda village, previously hit in another operation.

A separate military action on Wednesday saw the elimination of 30 militants near Carfuuda, in partnership with Somali forces and international allies. Despite official claims, no visual evidence was presented to verify the casualties. Al-Shabaab, known for using social media and various communication channels, has not acknowledged the losses.
The operation aimed at dismantling key organizational and explosive production hubs within Carfuuda, a location where the militants have been carrying out attacks on civilians, security personnel, and government officials.

Under President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud’s leadership, the fight against Al-Shabaab has been escalated, resulting in significant territorial gains by government forces. The international community’s support has been crucial in this ongoing battle against the extremist group.

Garowe Online

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