Somali Prime Minister Roble speaks alongside together with his Egyptian counterpart

Cairo, Egypt – Prime Minister Mohamed Hussein Roble met with his Egyptian counterpart in Cairo, upon his arrival for official duties, days after his visit to Kenya, where he met with President Uhuru Kenyatta on cooperation between Kenya and Somalia.

In Cairo, Roble was introduced by Moustafa Madbouly, the Egyptian Prime Minister, with whom he spoke. A statement sent by the prime minister’s office said the two discussed bilateral relations between Egypt and Somalia.

Among them, the OPM said, Roble and Moustafa Madbouly discussed possibilities for Egypt to increase scholarships for Somali students, thereby facilitating migration, trade and investment.

“The Prime Minister of the Federal Republic of Somalia Mohamed Hussein Roble and his delegation have maintained bilateral relations with his Egyptian counterpart and his delegation this evening in Cairo,” the Prime Minister’s Office noted.

The two sides focused on strengthening the long-standing ties and cooperation between the two countries. They also discussed the possibilities for Egypt to increase its scholarships for Somali students, facilitating migration, trade and investment. ”

His trip comes amid the ongoing elections in Somalia, which are expected to end in October when the federal president is elected. Outgoing President Mohamed Abdullahi Farmaajo is expected to defend his seat and is likely to face united opposition.

Today Roble is due to meet Egyptian President Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi, who has interests in the Horn of Africa. Cairo is embroiled in a dispute with war-torn Ethiopia over the ongoing construction of the Nile Dam along the Blue Nile.

Somalia last year offered to mediate the conflict, but to date no solution has been found. Ethiopia is also embroiled in an internal conflict that is spreading across the country, but it is not clear whether the two leaders will have a discussion about it.


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