Somali Pirates Apprehended and Extradited to Seychelles for Legal Action

Somali pirates transported to Seychelles for legal action
Six alleged Somali pirates have been sent to the Seychelles in the Indian Ocean for prosecution after being involved in an incident in the Gulf of Aden. They were transported via a European Union vessel following a pirate attack last week.
The European Union Naval Force Operation Atalanta confirmed a suspicious incident involving the Chrystal Arctic, a ship flying the Marshall Islands flag, around 100 nautical miles north of Bosaso, Somalia on Friday.
Reports indicate that the vessel spotted in the Gulf of Aden was carrying 5-6 heavily armed individuals. The UK Maritime Trade Operations has confirmed the incident as a suspected pirate attack on the coast of Somalia.
Upon observing the potential threat, the tanker’s master implemented self-defensive strategies. The armed individuals on the small boat opened fire, leading to the ship’s Armed Security Team retaliating and forcing the small boat to retreat.
The ATALANTA warship apprehended the six men after the altercation, with some requiring medical treatment for injuries sustained. The incident has been officially labeled as an attempted act of piracy.
Seychelles is one of the countries where suspected pirates captured by Operation ATALANTA’s warships can be tried under a legal agreement. The six individuals will undergo trial on the island, marking the second group to face legal proceedings.
In recent months, a significant number of Somali pirates have been taken to India for prosecution after being captured in the Indian Ocean. Despite an increase in piracy incidents along the 3,333 kilometers of the Somali coastline, the government is collaborating with various stakeholders to address the issue.
Following a series of dhow hijackings, EUNAVFOR suspects the presence of multiple pirate groups off the Somali coast. Two merchant ships, MV Ruen and MV Abdullah, were hijacked in December, with the former being rescued by the Indian Navy after a lengthy hostage situation.
There are reports suggesting that the pirates have formed a covert agreement with the group Al-Shabaab, which aims to overthrow the fragile UN-backed federal government of Somalia. This agreement entails the sharing of ransom proceeds from successful piracy operations.

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