Somali Leader Lands in Oslo as Al-Shabaab Violence Escalates

Somalia’s President Lands in Oslo Amid Al-Shabaab Rampage

OSLO – Somali President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud has landed in Oslo, Norway’s capital. Norway has played a key role in backing peace and stability efforts in Somalia for ages.

He embarked on this three-day official visit as clan skirmishes heated up in central regions, with over 50 casualties. Meanwhile, Al-Shabaab ramped up attacks in Galmudug, hitting a military compound in El-Dheer.

During the trip, the president will have sit-downs with the Norwegian Prime Minister to boost Somalia-Norway ties across various mutual areas of interest, as per state media.

“President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud flew to Oslo for a three-day official trip. He plans bilateral talks with Norway’s PM to tighten Somalia-Norway relations and will give the keynote at the Oslo Forum 2024 annual shindig.”

In Oslo, sources say Hassan Sheikh will deliver the keynote address at the Oslo Forum 2024 annual retreat. Norway and Denmark also host many Somali refugees and asylum-seeking politicos due to homeland safety concerns.

The forum will focus on the theme of Reclaiming Democracy, highlighting participants’ roles in the global democracy movement. Human Rights bodies have noted a rise in authoritarianism worldwide.

“Today, 5.7 billion people – or 72% of the globe – endure life under some hybrid authoritarianism or outright dictatorship,” reads a statement from the HRF. “Authoritarianism remains the biggest hurdle not just to political liberty but to every intrinsic human right and social function.”

Somalia is moving from clan-based voting to universal suffrage, a shift President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud backs. Transparency, accountability, and rule of law are seeing a positive shift in the nation.


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