Somali High Minister Roble meets with regional chief in the course of elections

Somali Prime Minister Roble meets with regional leader during deadlocked elections

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MOGADISHU, Somalia – In an effort to find a way to hold elections on time, Prime Minister Mohamed Hussein Roble continues his shuttle diplomacy across the country, meeting with various stakeholders to forge a way forward, following a stalemate that has threatened integration.

The country was on the verge of starting elections last month, but various underlying factors led to the delay, which has seen several political players call for dialogue, but which does not appear to be forthcoming. The international community called on both sides to compromise.

Already, however, the government has indicated that it will continue with the elections as planned, but the decision has prompted many questions from political elites, especially those of the opposition. The team insisted that elections cannot be held in some parts of the country and exclude others.

And Roble, who is in charge of being in charge of the exercise, met with President Hirshabelle Ali Guudlaawe, who was elected in November, where they had solid discussions on the upcoming elections. They also discussed development and security issues.

Somali Prime Minister Mohamed Roble said: “I have discussed with President Ali Guudlaawe Hussien of Hirshabelle political updates in the country, speeding up the electoral process, ensuring security and development programs in Hirshabelle.”

The government intends to hold elections in Hirshabelle, in the southwest and in Galmadug, where the leadership is “friendly”. However, the Northeastern State and Jubaland elections are likely to be delayed after the two states raise a number of issues on which they called for urgent action.

Previously, Roble was committed to implementing policies and regulations on the classification of public servants. In fact, it is these officials whom the opposition accuses of having been used in the electoral process in order to rig President Mohamed Abdullahi Farmajo.

“The government of Somalia is committed to implementing policies and regulations for the classification and grading of civil servants with the review, assessment and reform of pay and grade structures of government employees, which is an appropriate step in the right direction, ”he noted.



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