Somali Government Thwarts Attack, Eliminates 47 Al-Shabab Militants in Central Somalia

Mogadishu (AX) – The Somali government declared on Saturday that its troops, reinforced by local clan militias, terminated approximately 47 al-Shabab militants and injured numerous others in a thwarted assault on a central Somalia military base.

The clash, marked by blasts and subsequent gunfire, erupted in El-dher district of Galgadud region early Saturday morning.

The Somali Ministry of Information shared that the militants faced severe losses during the skirmish, but refrained from addressing speculations about a US drone strike in the Ali Yaba area in reaction to the attack.

The Ministry also disclosed that five government soldiers perished in the conflict, while local media sources noted that high-ranking military officers might be among the casualties.

Al-Shabab took credit for the assault on El-dher. This militant faction has been leading a vicious rebellion against the shaky central government in Mogadishu for over 16 years.

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